EAPAP Board Members


Dr Lena Hellblom Sjögren, fil.dr. leg.psykolog

Lena Hellblom Sjögren has practiced as a school psychologist and as a teacher all levels in the educational system, and as a psychologist within a team helping families with brain damaged children. She is also a researcher and wrote a thesis n 1985 about the transformation of democracy within the Swedish labour movement after having worked with study circles in an iron area where the working places were shut down. When becoming a mother for two more children she took a post doctor course one year called "Interpretation methodology and witness psychology." After that, she has worked as an investigative psychologist in her one-woman company called Testimonia. Now for 25 years, she has made nearly 400 investigations, many of them as research reports, she has been in courts nearly all over Norway and Sweden and on all levels to answer about her findings. Many of the parents and children she has followed over many years. She has at the same time been trying to make professionals aware of the harm done to children when the child is separated from one - or both - parent/-s without just cause, and at the same time has had his or her thoughts reformed (PA) based on an implacable hostility.