EAPAP Board Members


Wilfrid v. Boch-Galhau, M. D.

Wilfrid von Boch-Galhau, M. D., is a psychiatrist and psychotherapist i. R., Würzburg, Germany, formerly a member of the interdisciplinary working group „Beratung bei Trennung und Scheidung“ [Counselling during separation and divorce], Würzburg, Germany, co-organiser of the 2002 international Parental Alienation Syndrome conference, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, member of the international Parental Alienation Study Group since it beginning; co-editor of Das Parental Alienation Syndrom: Eine interdisziplinäre Herausforderung für scheidungsbegleitende Berufe (The parental alienation Syndrome: An Interdisciplinary Challenge for Professionals Involved with Divorce), and author of Parental Alienation and parental Alienation/Disorder: A Serious Form of Psychological Abuse.